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Build your perfect Conducting Baton in just 6 easy Steps!

Step #1 - Choose handle a style
FeatherLight Series (We suggest choosing an overall length of no more than 14" for best performance on FeatherLight Series)
Price - $29.95

Classical Baton

Classical - 2 3/8" X 5/8"
Maestro Series
Price - $29.95

Renaissance Baton

Renaissance - 2 5/8" X 1"
Step #2 - Choose wood type
Exotic Wood - No additional cost
Cocobolo - Region: Central America - Color: Variegated orange, yellow dark red with irregular black stripes.
Black Walnut - Region: Mid and Eastern United States and Canada - Color: Light to dark brown or chocolate brown
Zebrawood - Region: West Africa - Color: Golden brown with pronounced dark brown streaks.

Step #3 - Choose a shaft material/color
Birch - Colors: White Natural
Graphite - Additional $10.00 - Color: White only
Titanium (12" or 14" only) - Colors: White Gold - Additional $20.00
Lightweight with superior strength. The strongest baton shaft you can buy. This is the same titanium used in the F-22 stealth fighter. The perfect addition for the collector.
Step #4 - Choose an overall length
Step #5 Shipping Option - For all orders outside of the United States

U.S. shipping - $8.00 will be added during check out.

International shipping - Additional $10.00 Per Item- Another $8.00 will be added at check out.

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